With its history originating from an old fishing and shipbuilding yard, it's maybe no surprise that this seaside town can hook you in for a day at the coast.


A serene seaside setting...

With its shingle beach, Georgian buildings and incredible sense of space, Aldeburgh is the perfect place to while away.

The fishing history which helped grow the town is still a part of life today, with fisherman hauling their boats ashore and selling their catches each morning.

From the shoreline to the high street, the town offers a particular charm, especially with its fashionable shops, galleries, and restaurants.

Akin to many of Norfolk's prized coastal fish and chip shops, Aldeburgh has its own too - the ideal fuel for a day spent by the Suffolk seaside.

Each June the town plays host to the delights of a music festival, first founded by famous composer Benjamin Britten - who is buried in the hilltop church.

Stroll the promenade as the sun sets, guided by the pastel-coloured 19th century holiday cottages and head home knowing that you, like some many before you, have enjoyed a wonderful seaside escape.

But there's no place like home...

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