With its iconic canals, beautiful townhouses, adorning bridge and much more, Amsterdam is as pretty as a postcard and within easy reach from the cathedral city of Norwich...


A European getaway ideal for business or pleasure...

The busiest route at the Norfolk city's airport, reaching mainland Europe and all that it has to offer is less than an hour away - 57 minutes to be precise.

Besides the cultural attractions on offer in Netherlands' capital, such as the Anne Frank House and The Concertgebouw, there are parks, trendy shops and a taste of the past which seems to never fade.

There are world-class museums, bicycle tours, and a thriving arts scene. However, for those wishing to travel here for business, it is a link to the European Union. Amsterdam is seen by many as a perfect place to expand or start a business.

Overall, whatever you wish to find from this quaint city and ideal European getaway, Amsterdam will not disappoint.

But there's no place like home...

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