Blenheim Place, Docking


A stunning collection of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes by Elemento Group in the fantastic north Norfolk location of Docking.

Price List for Blenheim Place

Phase 2
Plot Property Type Beds Price
4 Detached House 5 COMING SOON
5 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
6 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
7 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
8 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
9 Detached House 4 Available
10 Detached House 3 COMING SOON
11 Detached House 3 COMING SOON
12 Semi-Detached House 3 COMING SOON
13 Semi-Detached House 3 Available
14 Semi-Detached House 3 Available
15 Detached House 5 Available
16 Detached House 4 Available
Phase 1
Plot Property Type Beds Price
1 Semi-Detached House 3 Available
2 Semi-Detached House 3 RESERVED
3 Detached House 4 COMPLETED
18 Semi-Detached House 2 COMPLETED
19 Detached House 4 COMPLETED
21 Detached House 3 Available
22 Detached House 3 Available
25 Semi-Detached House 3 Available
26 Semi-Detached House 3 Available
29 Semi-Detached House 2 Available
30 Semi-Detached House 2 Available

The Developer

Elemento Group are dedicated to the change we see in the property industry as it moves towards sustainable development and living options. Our aim is to create comfortable and stylish living spaces that are socially conscious, as well as energy efficient, for a diverse audience. Our journey has allowed us to foster invaluable working relationships with public spirited associations, that support us in our sustainable development goals.

Elemento Group attempts to further the basic objective of constructing a strong product of optimum value. We strive to create thoughtfully-designed homes that meet and exceed the needs and wants of our customers, communities and stakeholders.

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