Once the smallest borough in England, Eye is now one of Suffolk's smallest towns and arguably an enjoyable place in the county to visit and learn of its history.


A small area with big offerings

A name deriving from island, given that is was previously surround by water and marshes, Eye has an interesting history.

Asides being previously surrounded, with only its church and castle on higher ground, the town hall of Eye is at its centre.

This building is of a Victorian design, made of flint and brick in 1857 by EB Lamb. Some people did not particularly like its design when first built, but today it remains a key focus of Eye.

The church of St Mary boasts much history too, with a pair of 15th century tombs and a medieval painted screen. It resides hext to e timber-framed Guildhall which dates back more than 500 years. Next to the church, the pair complement each other well.

Why not also visit nearby Helmingham Hall? It has Grade I listed gardens at the more than 500 year old residence and is a true sight to behold.

While not the largest town, this picturesque postcard spot in Suffolk is certainly worthy of a visit.

Black and white image - Eye town hall, Richard Slessor
Archway - Broad Street, Nick McNeil.

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