Home Sweet Home

It goes without saying that the better the appearance of your property, the more desirable it will be to potential tenants.

The outside

Making sure all weeding has been done, outbuildings cleared out, outside lighting and doorbell is working.

The inside

Have the property professionallly cleaned, all windows cleaned, carpets and curtains washed and cleaned where possible. All kitchen appliances cleaned and in working order.

Obviously each prospective tenant will be looking for certain things to meet their personal requirements from a rental property, but here are some points to consider.

Furnished or unfurnished? Most rental properties are offered with light fittings, carpets and curtains. Beyond this, you should consider whether your property will be offered with or without furnishings.

Broadly speaking, larger properties are usually let unfurnished – this can encourage a longer tenancy as people are able to surround themselves with their own belongings and avoid the costs of storage for their furniture and possessions. Additionally, an unfurnished property will have lower ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Furnished properties are ideal for people looking to move in immediately or who are unable to bring their own furniture with them. If your property is furnished it must meet the furniture and furnishing fire, safety regulations act 1988. Our team can help you to ensure your property meets the latest legal requirements.

"A quick email to thank you for the kindness and patience you extended to my Parents on Friday afternoon. You made the meeting very informative without over-complicating matters and I'm sure it will benefit us all."
Wealth Management Client - January 2014