One of the world's major global cities, London seemingly has it all.

The capital of the UK, and its largest city, London is a hotspot for business, tourism, finance and so much more.


Having the Thames of your life...

Some places almost defy description, with so much to offer, to learn and see - words struggle to do it justice.

London being less than two hours away from Norfolk adds an extra dynamic to living in the county.

A cultural capital, London has something for everyone. If you like history, beyond the architecture there are museums aplenty, West End shows for days, sporting events throughout the year - just take your pick.

Feast at some of the world's finest eateries, drink by The Thames or relax in luxurious hotels.

From London, the world is your oyster. Travelling overseas from this fine city is no more difficult that a flight or cross-Channel train.

Have a home in countryside and travel to the capital with easy, or venture to our glorious county for a relax in a second home. Either way, Norfolk and London have a great relationship.

But there's no place like home...

Why not see what else Norfolk has to offer?