Top Moving Tips

Selling and moving can be a difficult process, but hopefully our tips will help take away some of the stress.

1. As soon as you know you are moving, get rid of anything you don’t want. Consider if you will use it/wear it again and if the answer is ‘no’, sell it or give it away.

2. If you are planning to use a removal company, get quotes in. We can recommend some reliable companies to you.

3. Once you know the moving date confirm it with the removals company or organise suitable transport and some friends and family to help you.

4. Check you are insured for any possessions you are moving yourself

5. Consider hiring professional cleaners to give your new home a thorough clean before you move in.

6. Organise childcare for moving day, especially if you have younger children – also for any Pets (make sure tags/chips have the new address)!

7. Get all keys and instruction manuals together along with any other useful information for the people moving into your property.

8. Use the floorplan of your new home to pin point where things will go, useful for your or your removal company.

9. If you are moving yourselves, pack everything in manageable, easy to lift boxes and detail which room they are going into. Remember smaller is easier.

10. Re-direct post, cancel milk or newspapers etc. Register with a new GP if you are moving area.

11. Contact everyone else who needs your new address – friends and family, work, bank, schools etc.

12. Once you have moved, concentrate on getting the bedrooms ready for sleeping first – everything else can wait.

13. Order food and toast your new home!

"Estate agents often get a pretty bad press, yet a good one can really help sell your house as I’ve recently experienced. We chose Sowerbys because of their professionalism when compared to others we looked at. It was a good choice - with Sowerbys efficiency and good presentation of our property, we sold it quickly, that’s inevitable when you think that’s a decent fee for something sold so quickly, but the presentation of our property and the professionalism of the viewings really helped. However our story didn’t end there as our buyer pulled out for personal reasons. This when you need a good agent. Sowerbys reacted quickly and with understanding of our disappointment, and got back on with the job of re-marketing the property without any fuss. This time it took longer, we were in a chain, and quite frankly the English system for selling property is broken, ours took three and a half months to exchange, and until you’ve exchanged, your sale can be gone within a heartbeat, it is not secure. This is where you need a good agent, one that will work with other agents, solicitors, buyers and sellers to keep things moving, keep everyone informed and advise you along the way. I would recommend Sowerbys without hesitation and in particular would give recognition to Peter Scott and Alison Carter at the Hunstanton office. In our experience the solicitors in our chain were not at all responsive and were poor at organising anything but the relationship between themselves and their client, and this is not enough when you’re in a chain, you need someone who will manage, coordinate and cajole across everyone across the chain, Alison Carter at Sowerbys was excellent at taking on this coordination and making things happen. It’s very difficult to know who your buyer is and how complex a chain is, until your stuck within it, and it only takes one poor solicitor or one difficult buyer and the whole lot can come crashing down without someone there to manage it through – remember that when you choose your estate agent!"
Mr & Mrs D Wright - Vendors - December 2015