What Will It Cost?

Just as your home is unique, each sale has its own set of individual circumstances. Although certain criteria such as location, size and condition will affect the potential value of your property, it is true to say that the true worth of your home is what someone is prepared to pay for it and, when required, what a lender is prepared to advance on it. Here are some costs to consider when it comes to selling:

• For most people, selling and buying a property follow each other sequentially. This creates a logistical chain of events that can be time-consuming to achieve. At Sowerbys we are highly experienced and skilled in working with you and other involved parties to ensure this process progresses smoothly. For some people, achieving a sale and being chain-free means they are in a stronger negotiating position when they next come to buy and, if this is your preferred approach, our rental team may be able to help you. Bear in mind that should you need to store furniture and large items you may incur addition costs.

• You will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, which shows how much a building uses. An EPC can help potential buyers to evaluate the cost of heating and running a property, and so ideally your property should be as energy efficient as possible. Sowerbys will arrange for an accredited domestic energy assessor to carry out the assessment and produce the certificate. • At Sowerbys, we offer a no sale, no fee agreement which means that we undertake all marketing without it costing you a penny until we have succeeded in achieving a sale that you are happy with. When contracts have been signed, we will charge a pre-agreed percentage of the sale price of your property plus VAT.

• You will need a solicitor to assist in the legal aspects of selling your home, known as conveyancing. We are able to recommend a number of local solicitors but it is wise to obtain a fixed price for this work as costs can mount if there are complications attached to your property’s sale. If you are selling and buying, some solicitors will offer a small discount on the simultaneous conveyancing of both.

• If your property is mortgaged, check with your current lender that the sale of your property will not incur early repayment charges.

• You will need to budget for the removal of your furniture and possessions. While some people choose to move themselves, it is worth considering that professional movers are experts and your items will be insured in the event of any damage or breakages. Sowerbys are able to recommend high skilled removal companies to give you peace of mind.

• Generally, if you have lived in your home and it has been your only property all the time that you have owned it, you will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any money you make when you sell it. However, if the property is not your main home or you use part of it for business purposes, tax may be due. See for details.

"Thank you so much for your help in the marketing and selling of both our properties. We choose Sowerby’s due to their staff. They seem to be a different brand of estate agent, helpful and courteous and very understanding. We have experienced both sides of the housing market with one sale that could not have been smoother and completed within six weeks and another that fell through twice, (third time lucky!) and that seemed fraught with difficulties right until the last moment! This is when the agents earn their fee. I am afraid at times I required a great deal of hand holding and found the whole process overwhelming at times, but with all your help we got there!! A huge thank you to all the team, we are now living in our dream home!"
Becky Lockhart – November 2014