Homes by Holkham to return up to 3.70% yield for landlords

Homes by Holkham to return up to 3.70% yield for landlords hero

New homes by Holkham Estate could return up to 3.70% yield for landlords as tenants look for modern amenities, energy efficiency, and desirable locations more than ever.

The new build home has become increasingly popular among investors and tenants alike, and for good reason.

Investing in a new build home can provide a range of benefits for landlords, including higher rental yields and lower maintenance costs.

The exclusive Bricknell Close is a perfect example with an expected yield of 3.70%.

Built by Holkham brings us the superb Bricknell Close in Castle Acre and at Sowerbys we think this new build community makes an excellent long-term investment choice.

Ed Tyman, Sowerbys Operations Director, said: "Castle Acre in Norfolk is a great place to live due to its picturesque location and rich history. This charming village is nestled in the heart of the Norfolk countryside and is home to a stunning 12th-century castle, priory ruins, and a medieval church.

"The village boasts a friendly community, excellent schools, and easy access to nearby towns and cities. With plenty of outdoor activities, including walks along the River Nar and Castle Acre Common, as well as local pubs, shops, and restaurants, Castle Acre is a wonderful place to call home for those seeking a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle.

"One of the key advantages of investing in new build homes is that they are built to high standards and are often equipped with modern features and appliances. This means that landlords are more likely to attract high-quality tenants who are willing to pay a premium for a high-end property."

According to a survey by the National House Building Council (NHBC), the most important factors for tenants when choosing a home are energy efficiency, security, and low running costs. New build homes typically offer all of these features and more, with many featuring efficient appliances, smart home technology, and high-speed internet connections.

The NHBC states new build homes are up to six times more energy efficient than older properties, which can result in significant cost savings for tenants. This is particularly important as energy bills continue to rise, with the average UK household spending £1,289 per year on energy bills, according to government statistics.

Ed added: "Another benefit of new build homes is that they require less maintenance than older properties. This can be a significant advantage for landlords, as it means that they are less likely to be called out for repairs and maintenance issues and therefore provide a happier experience for tenants.

"Furthermore, new build homes often come with excellent long-term warranties and guarantees, which can provide added peace of mind and reduced costs for landlords and tenants alike.

"New build homes are often located in desirable areas.  For example, located close to schools, shops, and public transport links, which can be a big selling point for tenants who are looking for a home that is convenient and accessible."

In summary, new build homes make excellent investment choices for landlords. They offer a range of benefits, including high-quality finishes and modern amenities, low maintenance requirements, and desirable locations.

Furthermore, they provide an excellent opportunity to generate long-term returns on investment. 

If you would like more information on this exciting development or advice on buy-to-let investment strategy, we are always on hand to help.