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Enchanting blend of natural beauty and village charm

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17 mins to Holt
17 mins to Fakenham
23 mins to Dereham
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Beckoning with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and village charm, Hindolveston is an idyllic destination to call home.


Inviting you to embrace a slower pace of life and revel in the simple pleasures which make each day extraordinary, with much of the nearby nature at the heart of that feeling.

The streets could be out of a storybook. Historic cottages and colourful gardens bursting with vibrant blooms helps evoke a sense of nostalgia which transports you to a bygone era. This is enhanced with the scattering of shops and a village hall which hosts community events throughout the year.

Today the church of St George the Martyr stands proudly, having been built in 1932 after the original church fell down in 1892. The ruins of the original St George’s Church on the outskirts of the village is a testament to the village’s heritage. Wander through the ancient churchyard, where weathered gravestones dating back to the 1700s, bear witness to generations which have lived and loved in this tranquil spot.

As you wonder the streets of the village, you can see how life has grown but the retention of the village landmarks has, arguably, not suffered. Both the previous bakery and Methodist church are now places for people to come, stay, and discover the village themselves.

For those who find solace in nature’s embrace, Hindolveston offers a plethora of outdoor opportunities. Lace up your walking shoes and set out on scenic trails that wind through lush meadows, ancient woodlands, and along the tranquil waters of the River Glaven. Marvel at the changing seasons as you witness the countryside transform from vibrant greens to rich autumn hues.

The village is located within a good distance of three popular towns: Holt, Dereham and Fakenham.

Holt is a delightful town, known for its Georgian architecture, offering an enticing blend of boutique shops, coffee spots, and villages stores which are sure to captivate the discerning shopper.

Life moves at a leisurely pace in Holt, and there are plenty of places to idle, including what’s believed to be the oldest house in town, Byfords deli and café is a central landmark and a fabulous place to stop and watch the world go by.

Village hall and post box pictures are both by Geographer, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.