Feilden House, Norwich


With views which might be the most impressive in the entire city of Norwich, Feilden House offers an impressive standard of luxury.

It is arguably only in person that one may completely understand and enjoy the unique nature of the homes here, another quality development by FW Properties.

Price List for Feilden House

Plot Property Type Beds Price
1 Apartment 2 Coming Soon
2 - Foundry Corner Apartment 2 £595,000
3 - Blackfriars Apartment 2 COMPLETED
4 - The Coslany Suite Apartment 2 COMPLETED
5 - Whitefriars Apartment 2 RESERVED
6 - The Upcher Apartment 2 £295,000
7 - Sandling's Terrace Apartment 2 COMPLETED
8 Apartment 3 £695,000
10 - Cathedral View Apartment 3 COMPLETED

The Developer

FW Properties are distinguished property developers based in Norwich, specialising in crafting exceptional contemporary properties in Norfolk and Suffolk. Founded in 2011 by Ian Fox and Julian Wells, they take pride in completing every home with finesse and flair to rigorous standards. With a combined experience of over 45 years in national and international property development, asset management, and investment, they oversee every aspect of the building process.

What sets FW Properties apart is their customer-centric approach. They understand that each client is unique, and thus, they start each new project from scratch, avoiding standardized templates. They carefully select architects who are best suited for the job, ensuring that every new home is custom-designed to accommodate modern living, boasting luxurious construction values and impeccable finishes.

Their commitment to responsible development and renovation is evident in their efforts to seamlessly integrate their developments with the local environment. Whether it’s overlooking the River Deben in Woodbridge, nestled in Norwich’s historic heart, or tucked away in the Norfolk countryside, they aim to maintain the integrity and character of each location.

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