Green Meadow, Whittington


Green Meadow is an inspired development which showcases a remarkable collection of exquisite new homes meticulously designed and constructed in accordance with Passivhaus Standards.

These cutting-edge standards aim to revolutionise the way we think about housing by focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability. Each home within the Green Meadow community is a testament to this commitment, offering a host of benefits that go far beyond mere aesthetics.

Price List for Green Meadow

Plot Property Type Beds Price
1 Semi-Detached House 3 RESERVED
2 Semi-Detached House 3 RESERVED
3 Detached House 4 RESERVED
4 Detached House 4 £450,000
5 Detached House 4 Available
6 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
9 Detached House 4 COMING SOON
10 Detached House 4 COMING SOON

Site Plan


The Developer

Green New Builds is a Norfolk-based family-run business. This husband and wife duo have established a strong reputation for themselves by creating bespoke developments which showcase variety and character. Their projects boast a high-quality finish that extends to both the internal and external elements.

With a focus on designing sympathetic additions to the rural landscape, Green New Builds takes pride in enhancing the surrounding communities. Their homes are meticulously planned to meet the demands of modern living, whilst preserving flexibility and charm.

Green New Builds’ commitment to creating homes which blend seamlessly with their environment, and cater to contemporary lifestyles, sets them apart in the industry. Their projects reflect careful consideration, resulting in properties that stand out as proud enhancements to their communities.

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