Church Farm Barns, Hindolveston


Similar to stepping onto a sprawling country estate, Church Farms Barns offers an experience reminiscent of the grandeur and charm you’d find driving up to a stately home.

On the edge of the village of Hindolveston, the site expands to more than four acres (stms).

Prepare to be captivated by incredible vistas that promise a front-row seat to nature’s ever-changing seasons and dramatic sunsets.

Price List for Church Farm Barns

Plot Property Type Beds Price
Barn 4, The Old Piggery Barn Conversion 3 £545,000
Barn 5, St Georges Barn Conversion 4 £895,000
Barn 6, Norton Moor House Barn Conversion 4 COMING SOON
Barn 7 Barn Conversion 4 COMING SOON

The Developer

As dedicated developers, Hoecroft Homes are driven by a genuine passion for their surroundings.

They state that an unwavering dedication to quality ensures that each home is visually captivating and built to endure - homes where style and practicality converge to craft your dream residence.

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