Getting your home ready to sell

Getting your home ready to sell hero
If you are thinking about selling your home, it may be worth getting your property ready for the market, so you can be in the best position possible to find your new beginning.

We want people to love your property as much as you do, so here are our top tips for getting your home ready. 

Outside your home: 

First impressions always count and the front of your house is so important to a viewer - it is the first thing they will see after all! 

To show off your garden, keep it tidy and free of clutter, and make sure your windows are clean. Where possible, cut back any overgrown vegetation and lawns. 

Inside your home:

Space - 

People often 'buy what they see', so it's important to make sure the interior of your home is attractive and encourages people to envision themselves living there.

The first thing to remember is making sure any clutter and personal items are kept out of view. You don't want to reveal more of your home than you should, for example, private documents or personal information, so these should be stored away.

Your house will feel more spacious if the viewers can move throughout the house without having to squeeze past personal belongings. Perhaps ask a friend to come around and suggest items to put away - sometimes it is easier for an outsider's perspective to see what is taking up unnecessary space. 

Lights - 

Make sure your home is bright, as this will be a lot more appealing. Ensure all your light bulbs are working and that your house is well-aired. 

A dark room can appear a lot smaller than it actually is, which could impact how a viewer feels about your property when looking around your house, so it is important to make sure your house is flooded with light. 


Pets -

At Sowerbys, we love meeting your pets. However, some people may not. It is important to remember those looking around your home may not be pet mad and may have an allergy. 

Wherever possible, keep your pets in a separate room from the viewer, or with a friend, and thoroughly vacuum any fur prior to the viewing. 

Things to remember - 

If you have any minor problems, it is worth fixing them before viewings begin. Whether it be a leaky tap, cracked tiles, or marks on any walls, viewers will always be on their guard so we recommend sorting these small things out. 

During the time your home is on the market, stay prepared. Keep your home as tidy and presentable as possible in case you have viewing requests at short notice.. This includes keeping on top of any washing up, vacuuming, and making sure your surfaces are cleaned. 

Finally, during the viewing, make sure you give any viewers space. 

At Sowerbys, we are always happy to accompany viewings.

If you would prefer to do viewings yourself, then allow viewers time to talk, wander the rooms alone and have all the time they need to assess your house in peace so they can start picturing themselves there!