Passive Houses: The key to health and wealth

Passive Houses: The key to health and wealth hero

A home which keeps you healthy, saves you money and looks after the planet - not too much to ask for in 2023?

If you're looking for all of this, Whittington, Norfolk, could be the place to turn to as Sowerbys' brings to market a collection of inspiring new homes built to passive house standards: Green Meadow, by developer Green New Builds.

But what are passive houses and how will they really look after you and your family?


A continuous fresh air supply is delivered into the home while fine filters ensure dust, pollen and other unwanted particles are kept out. This makes the passive house perfect for those who suffer with allergies. 


Up to 90% reduction in heating and cooling costs thanks to a ventilation system minimising energy consumption, alongside triple glazing and high-quality insulation. 


The home maintains a constant pleasant temperature with fresh air supply and is engineered to keep allergens and germs at bay; triple glazing ensures peace and quiet.


Airtight construction, triple glazing and high quality insulation engineered for the future.


Build style and materials along with reduced running costs ensure you maintain a low carbon footprint.


A home which looks after you and the planet; a ventilation system which keeps particles out and delivers a low carbon footprint.


If you are considering a new home, passive house standards are a great option. They can save you money, improve your health, and reduce your environmental impact.

To book a viewing at Green Meadow, Norfolk, talk to the team at Sowerbys today.